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About School-

Dsk Dav Public School is the one and only DAV school in Purulia which is directly managed by the DAV College and Managing Committee, New Delhi.  Recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff members are made by a central selection board of  DAV CMC. It is an institution dedicated to realize Swami Dayananda’s ideal. Trying to fulfill swami Dayananda’s vision of being rooted to Indian Culture, yet keeping one’s mind open to global thoughts & innovations, we ensure that our children keep in touch with certain Vedic practices like performing Havans and Yajnas regularly on every saturday. It is  a co-educational  English Medium, ( 10 + 2),  school affiliated to CBSE New Delhi. Since its inception in 1999 it has  acquired tremendous growth with nearly good number of students from I to Senior Secondary level(Sc & Comm). The school boasts of the quality teaching and strong student-teacher relationship that forms the foundation of our highly scholastic programme.

We take special care of our students to face the competition of admission test into Engineering/Medical /Management colleges by arranging special classes during vacations by inviting alumni from IIT, NIT & teaching faculties from reputed colleges & other DAV schools. The majestic and impressive  structure of its three storey building proudly stands erect on a land of 12 acres donated by Devi Sushila Khedia Trust ,  located in Simulia , Wilcox Road,  Purulia  just 4 kms far from the madding crowd of the city. In a short span of time it  has made a quantum leap and a phenomenal progress. The school has become an institution to be reckoned with. It has not only carved a niche for itself but also enjoys great renown of its own.

The building includes 33 well furnished and well ventilated classrooms with three different well-equipped Science Lab, Computer lab and Maths lab and enriched library with latest books as well as audio visual aids. The school has two spacious playground with basketball and volleyball court to ameliorate the physical fitness of the children . We are the only Non-Govt’ school in the Purulia district to provide NCC facilities to instill the values of discipline, patriotism, dedication among students. They are also trained in Yoga, Martial arts, Music and dance by expert trainer’s .To create an atmosphere of healthy competitions and team spirit,  most of the school activities are governed by the House System. In order to establish a holistic and healthy relationship between the school and the parents, Parent-Teachers meetings are held regularly. The campus looks beautiful with mesmerizing flower garden that adds colour to the joy of children while learning. The school affords well maintained transport facilities-with eight buses.

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Principal's message-

          “Education is the Passport to the future, for tomorrow, belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


This is true indeed that education is a means of transforming ignorance into progressive change, inability into competence and indifference into understanding. Here at Devi Sushila Khedia DAV Public School, we take great pride in mentoring the intellect and strength of the children to help them grow academically, physically, socially and emotionally, channeling their creativity and individuality through multifarious exposure in the form of different activities. Our experienced and caring staff are committed to provide our students quality education through modern technologies to help them keep pace with the fast-changing world and mature into global citizens shouldering responsibilities and showing goodwill for all. We are indebted to the parents who have reposed faith in our institution, the community for lending a willing hand to boost our endeavours and the management for their constant support and co-operation. We pledge to march hand in hand to scale new heights in the years to come and strive for excellence. We are passionate about creating a ‘learning’ institution that is dynamic and constantly seeking excellence to meet the needs of the present as well as the future, while learning from the ethical and moral value systems of the Indian Vedic Culture. DSK DAV is committed to the complete development of a student; this includes academic knowledge, social skills, intellectual curiosity, Physical endurance and a special emphasis on self-discovery. We have a diverse group of students and teachers who possess a global perspective. We invest wisely in our human resources for the professional development of our staff and they in turn see themselves as part of the world-wide educational community.

“If a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener, it will become good, and produce better fruits.” Therefore, children must be given a good training from their earliest childhood. We are here for the same. I am sure that our students of today, tomorrow will carry forward the Motto of love and unity entrusted in their hands at DSK DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, PURULIA(W.B.).

 “Do the work with intention not because of compulsion.”  


With all my love and affection!

Jayanta Biswas


School Library-

A P J Abdul Kalam

           "Don't  read success stories,  you will only get a message. Read failure stories,               you will get some  ideas  to get success."
Throughout the world the  Library of a school is considered as a part and parcel of the academic-set-up. It is created and maintained to serve and support the educational activates of the school. The recommendation of numerous commissions and committees establishment by the Govt. of India and various  other states for the improvement  of school education can bring in desired results provide the school has the full complement of the library resources, personals and necessary infrastructure. It can play a vital role and help the school in achieving the educational objectives. If we recognize the value and necessities of informal systems of education, then library method of self-education is sure to get its due place.
                           The  school library provides information, inculcates ideas and develop knowledge that is so essential to functioning successfully in today's information and knowledge based society. It is fundamental to school library to equip with life-long learing skills and develop in them creative thinking, imagination and enabling them to live as ideal and responsible citizens.

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